SWFR Tubing


Below 135°C

Based on your selections, single wall, flame retardant tubing is suggested to meet your needs. - Check out featured items below from TE's product portfolio of single, flame retardant tubing for use in operating temperatures up to 135°C.

Single wall heat shrink tubing insulates, provide strain relief, and protects against mechanical damage and abrasion. against mechanical damage and abrasion. Our heat shrink tubing offers a high-performance alternative to other approaches for insulation, such as taping and molding in place. The tubing comes in a wide range of sizes, colors, and materials, varying by product family. When heated to its specified recovery temperature, the tubing shrinks at a prescribed rate to conform to the size and shape of the underlying material.                                               

Each family conforms with specific aspects of standards such as AMS-DTL-23053. Many are UL recognized, CSA certified and all are RoHS Compliant. Review the products now to determine which might be best for your application, helping to insulate and protect in harsh environments up to 135°C where a high level of flame retardancy is required.

When corrosion protection and sealing are required, use TE's dual wall heat shrink tubing. It is also great for applications that require the tubing to be aggressively attached to the substrate to which it is applied, such as might be the case when it is used to provide a high level of strain relief or when it is subjected to very rigorous mechanical abrasion. Dual wall tubing products consist of a crosslinked outer jacket and an inner layer of adhesive or encapsulant. During installation, the adhesive or encapsulant lining melts and flows, creating a moisture-resistant protective barrier. It also securely bonds the tubing to the substrate. The tightly controlled amounts of adhesive within the tubing help to ensure consistent results. 


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