Mini split system air conditioner


Keep your cool

TE offers connectors, circuit protection, sensors, relays, tubing and more to enable your latest, most efficient air conditioner designs.

Reduction of electricity consumption drives new designs. Reduction of electricity consumption drives new designs. Compressors are shifting to DC units that can be cycled more efficiently than AC compressors. TE offers hermetic compressor interfaces that can integrate the termination of the magnet wire as well as the drive control wires and circuit protection. Additionally, we offer a host of other components for your latest designs. Included are connectors, relays, sensors, circuit protection devices, heat shrink tubing and more.


The wiring harness interconnects the PCB to the various components throughout the air conditioner. It is a collection of wiring terminals and connectors that sends signals and power to the motor, switches, and sensors. A typical wire and harness would include power and signal connectors, terminals and splices, and heat shrink tubing.