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Technical Data

Tin Plating at TE
Customer Information Package
"Backwards Compatibility of RoHS Compliant Products", ECN article, Nov 2005
Lead Free Components in Automotive Applications, presented at IPC/JEDEC 2003 conference
Lead free paper presented at IICIT, October 2001
Lead Free Manufacturing Paper
Solder Joint Inspection Information for Lead Free Solder - IPC 610D
Solderability of Lead Free Electrodeposits in Tin/Lead Solder - (Backwards Compatibility) (503-1001)
IPC/JEDEC J-STD-002B Solderability Test Report (Tin/Lead and Lead Free Solder) (503-1)
IPC/JEDEC J-STD-002A Solderability Test Report (Dip & Look)
Presentation on solderability testing
BGA connectors using lead free
Hot Air Leveled Tin: Solderability and Some Related Properties
Tin Reflow for Tin Whisker Mitigation, Presented at 2010 CALCE Tin Whisker Conference
Tin Whisker Testing: Hot Air Leveled Tin and Electroplated-Reflowed Tin
An Electrical Characterization of Tin Whiskers, Presented at MRS Spring Meeting, April 2007
Bright Tin for Whisker Mitigated Electronics Applications, presented at IPC/JEDEC 11th Conf on Leadfree, Dec 2005
Tin Whisker Reliability Assessment by Monte Carlo Simulation (IPC/JEDEC 2005)
Tin Whisker Qualification Testing - Eye of the Needle Compliant Pin Products (503-1006)
Electrostatic Fields and Current Flow Impact on Whisker Growth (IEEE journal paper)
NEMI Tin Whisker Acceptance Test Requirements Document
NEMI Tin Whisker Update - Oct 2004
Presentation on our whisker tests and results (Updated)
Investigations of Zinc (Zn) Whiskers using FIB Technology Paper, presented at IPC/JEDEC 2004
Investigations of Zinc (Zn) Whiskers using FIB Technology Presentation
Presentation on Durability
Coefficient of Friction
Contact Resistance
Fretting Performance of Lead Free Surface Finishes (503-1002)
Presentation on contact resistance testing of lead free platings
Lubricant Stability after SMT Soldering
Press-fit Terminations
Toward Lead-Free Compliant Pin Connections, presented at the SMTA 2005 conference
Evaluation of Plated-Through-Hole Deformation in Lead-Free Press-Fit Connections (503-2 RevA)
Effects of Lead-Free Surface Finishes on Press-Fit Connections, presented at IPC 2003 conference
Friction Behavior of Press-Fit Applications: Test Apparatus and Methodology, presented at IEEE Holm 2003 conference
White paper on press-fit connectors (tin and tin-lead) used in lead free boards
Slide show presentation form of this white paper
Presentation on press-fit from ICEC 2002
Heat Resistance of Polymers
Effect of Transient Thermal Profiles in Wave Soldering Processes on Connector Performance, presented at IPC/APEX 2004 conference
Presentation overviewing the impact of higher temperatures on the performance of plastics in connectors.
Resistance to Soldering Heat - Reflow: TE Spec. TEC-109-201
Resistance to Soldering Heat - Wave: TE Spec. 109-202
Wire Deformation
Insulation Displacement Connections for RoHS Compliance (503-1008)
Crimp Qualification Testing: USCAR-21
Crimp Qualification Testing: USCAR-20
Axicom lead free products site
Other Hazardous Materials
Design for Low-Halogen Green Electronics
Low Halogen Polymers for Electronic Applications
Case study in Hexavalent Chromate Replacement
General Hazardous Materials Concerns at TE
Hexavalent Chromium and Cadmium Overview