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Pivot Power RJ45 Overview

Pivot Power RJ45
The Pivot Power RJ45 is a new, low voltage power connector that commons RJ45 contacts to provide two power connections through an industry standard RJ45 interface. The connector commons positions 1,3,5 and 7 to one 18AWG wire and 2,4,6, and 8 to another 18AWG wire with simple, fast pivoting termination of both wires at once. The Pivot Power RJ45 features molded in polarity and strip length guides to aid installers and ensure proper and repeatable installation. Ideal for lighting and fire & security applications, the Power Pivot RJ45 is suitable for plenum installation, permitting use in air handling spaces when used with similar rated wire.

    Key Features
  • Rapid termination saves installation time
  • Molded in polarity indication to help guide installers on proper termination to cable
  • Molded in strip gauge to help ensure proper wire and cable strip lengths
  • Integral cable strain relief to secure and retain cable jacket
  • Lighting
  • Security Systems

Documents & Resources

  • Pivot Power Brochure
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