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Solar Energy Labels Overview

Solar Identification, Rating, Reflective Labels
Solar Identification Labels

National Electric Code (NEC) demands proper marking and labeling of solar systems. TE Connectivity labels are designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments. The labels can be exposed to rain, intense sunlight, UV rays, snow, ice, cold temperature, sand, salt spray and condensation from fog. The solar labels meet the requirements of the IEC 61215 / IEC 61646.

Solar Rating Labels

The Solar Rating Labels are designed to meet the industry needs by providing a white printable area to add important system information such as maximum system voltage and system current. The same robust materials are used in the construction of these labels as with the standard solar identification labels noted above. The system rating data can be added using thermal transfer ink ribbon and printer or by using an indelible marker. For best results, it is recommended to use the UV resistant clear overlaminate label over the printed label for further protection.

Solar Reflective Labels

Reflective solar labels are manufactured using retro reflective marking to provide emergency responders with appropriate warning and guidance relative to isolating the solar electric system. The label(s) were designed to be in accordance with the dimensional, functional and verbiage requirements established by the California Fire Marshall's April 2009, Solar Photovoltaic Installation Guideline.

Canadian Installation Warning Labels Canada Labels

TE Connectivity introduces solar labels for the Canada solar installers per the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) specification. Labels are manufactured using ultraviolet (UV) resistant ink, permanent acrylic adhesive and base material designed to withstand environmental elements.

    Key Features - Solar Identifcation & Rating Labels
  • Suited for use in identification of DC Disconnects, Inverters, Combiner Boxes and other balance of systems components
  • For use on painted smooth metal and textured metal surfaces
  • Excellent durability in outdoor elements such as UV, rain, humidity, cold and salt spray
  • Multiple formats available
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Must be applied at or above application temperature (40°F)
    Key Features - Reflective Labels
  • Reflective quality
  • Its special impact and scratch resistant surface and flexibility make it suitable for identification in darkened areas, i.e., conduit raceways, enclosures, etc
  • Complies with international specifications for reflective materials including ASTM D4956
  • White reflective lettering stands out from the red ink when hit with a light source, such as a flashlight
    Standards and Specs
  • TE Connectivity TTDS-168
  • Industry: ASTM D 3652, ASTM D 3330, ASTM D 2979, ASTM D 1000, ASTM D 3759, MIL202G Method 215, ASTM D3424 Method 4, ASTM G85 Annex 5, ASTM 81531
  • Solar:  DC Switches, Combiner Boxes
  • Wind:  DC Switches
  • General:  Used on conduit

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