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Dieses Produkt ist momentan nicht erhältlich. Bitte wenden Sie sich für mehr Informationen oder bei Fragen zu Distributorenbestand an uns.


A tough, compact housing holds potted electronics and a shielded 22 AWG cable. Its cubical form allows mounting with the sensing axis oriented in any direction. The 11206AC provides enhanced accuracy and durability features to meet the challenges of your application. In addition to its robust construction, increased precision is achieved through improved offset and gain compensation. Each axial sensor has been tested over the -40 to +85°C temperature range and has a nominal full scale output swing of ±2.25 Volts. The zero rate output level is nominally +2.5 Volts. The 11206AC can be ordered in configurations with different ranges, bandwidths, or other I/O considerations.


IdentiCal™ Interchangeable Sensor -  IdentiCal™ Interchangeable Sensors eliminate the
management of calibration data and allow convenient Interchangeability of individual sensors. With standardized sensitivity and offset, there is no need to enter new parameters for each unit. 


Rugged for Harsh Environment - The 11206AC is robust to perform well in harsh environments. The 6061-T6 case with electroless nickel finish plus a PTFE cable with a shield bonded to the case provide improved resistance to EMI, lightning, or other disturbances. The enclosure is rated IP65. The unit has resilient power and will survive 1500 g powered
and unpowered.
High Accuracy and Linearity over Wide Temperature Range - The output of the 11206AC is directly proportional to the rotational rate about its axis. The DC-coupled output is fully scaled, referenced, and temperature compensated. When used in demanding temperature environments, gain compensation makes the 11206AC one of the most accurate angular rate gyros available. 

Built-In Power Supply Regulation -  Unregulated DC power from +8.5 to +36 Volts is all that is required to measure rotational rates (min. 12 V for Option L001). The 11206AC is operational with transients of +80 V for 550 ms compatible with MIL-STD-704A.  


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  • Drehraten- und Inertialsensoren – Typ  Messsensoren/Gyroskope

Elektrische Kennwerte

  • Erregerspannung (VDC) 12 – 36, 8.5 – 36


  • Abmessungen mm  24 x 24 x 27.30


  • Betriebstemperaturbereich  -40 – 85 °C [ -40 – 185 °F ]


  • Drehraten- und Inertialsensoren – Gehäuse  Eloxiertes Aluminium


  • Genauigkeit  ±0.1% Non-Linearity

  • FS-Bereich (±) GRAD/SEC  100, 180, 300, 50, 600


  • TE-interne Teilenummer CAT-RIN0001


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