October 05, 2007

LISLE, Ill. and BERWYN, Pa.  -- Oct. 5, 2007 -- Molex Incorporated (NASDAQ: MOLX, MOLXA) and Tyco Electronics (NYSE:TEL; BSX: TEL) today announced second-source agreements under which Tyco Electronics will have the right to manufacture, market, and sell worldwide the Molex Impact™ Backplane Connector System, and Molex will have the right to manufacture, market, and sell worldwide the Tyco Electronics’ Z-Pack TinMan™ Backplane Connector System.

The two companies will work jointly to deliver intermateable, electrically and mechanically interchangeable products to the market as quickly as possible by sharing design and manufacturing processes.  Tooled versions of both products from the second source are expected to be available in early 2008.  This pairing of product technology and manufacturing capabilities will offer customers a combination of innovation, performance and service from industry leaders. 

Molex and Tyco Electronics are world-class connector manufacturers with global design and manufacturing footprints.  The companies are leaders in the connector industry in R&D spending, and employ customer-focused, customer-driven product design and development processes that enable solutions that meet performance, quality, and cost expectations. 

The Impact™ Backplane Connector System from Molex Incorporated features a broad-edge coupled design.  With its multiple benefits, including superior signal density up to 80 differential pairs per inch, lower cross-talk and higher overall bandwidth designed for traditional backplane and/or midplane architectures, Impact™  connectors meet the growing demands of the next generation telecommunications and data networking equipment manufacturers.  The Impact™ connector system is currently available from Molex in 3 pair, 4 pair, 5 pair, and 6 pair versions, with a complete range of guidance and power options.

The Z-PACK TinMan ™ Backplane Connector System from Tyco Electronics is a cost-effective solution for customers searching for a high density, high performance backplane interconnect system in conventional backplane configurations and higher performance levels for orthogonal midplane configurations.   The product family has been tooled to offer 3 pair, 4 pair, and 5 pair configurations in traditional backplane configurations, mezzanine stacking and co-planar configurations. Cable assembly configurations are in process.
Molex Incorporated is a 69-year-old manufacturer of electronic components, including electrical and fiber optic interconnection products and systems, switches and integrated products, with 59 plants in 19 countries throughout the world. The company had revenues of $3.3 billion in its fiscal year ended June 30, 2007. More information on Molex can be found at www.Molex.com.
Tyco Electronics Ltd. is a leading global provider of engineered electronic components, network solutions and wireless systems, with 2006 sales of US$12.8 billion to customer locations in more than 150 countries. Tyco Electronics designs, manufactures and markets products for customers in industries from automotive, appliances and aerospace and defense to telecommunications, computers and consumer electronics. With over 8,000 engineers and worldwide manufacturing, sales and customer service capabilities, Tyco Electronics’ commitment is its customers’ advantage. More information on Tyco Electronics can be found at www.tycoelectronics.com.
Impact™ is a trademark of Molex Incorporated.
Z-Pack TinMan™ is a Tyco Electronics company trademark.