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Reliable connectivity solutions for next generation infotainment applications in planes, trains, on- and off-road vehicles, smart buildings, cities, and more.

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Solutions for Infotainment Applications

How can you build high-speed, ultra-low latency solutions for next generation in-vehicle infotainment? How can you increase data speed, reduce power, improve signal, and minimize EMI noise? How can you reduce costs and avoid costly late-stage design changes? TE Connectivity (TE) can help you find solutions. Our lightweight, miniaturized, sealed, and ruggedized connectivity solutions can provide the speed, clarity, and bandwidth necessary for the infotainment technology of tomorrow.


TE experts offer in-depth intelligence into the challenges involved in designing infotainment systems for a future where 5G connectivity pushes computing and data processing to the edge of what’s possible. This insightful article is a must-read, whether you’re bringing IoT thinking to automobiles, heavy-duty vehicles, planes, trains, cities, or anything else.


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  1. Innovation for Today and Tomorrow

Why TE Connectivity? For over 75 years, our connectivity and sensor solutions have helped engineers to create innovative technology in transportation, medical devices, energy, data communications, the home and consumer products. We offer over 100,000 parts and have been awarded over 14,000 patents.

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