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Precision is critical in your industry. TE helps to ensure a successful implementation of your design by teaming with silicon partners to develop simple, turn-key solutions.

Featured Tools & Documents

TE offers custom system modeling support. Please contact TE Circuits and Design for more information about how we can help you with your connector and system modeling needs including custom footprint model generation.

Backplane & Right Angle

Our latest backplane technology is designed to operate at speeds up to 40 Gb/s, giving you increased performance, higher data rates and more headroom.

Mezzanine & Stacking

From high density grid array products to impedance controlled high speed products, TE has your solution for mezzanine and stacking solutions. We offer a wide range of stacking products with varying pitch and density options.

Coplanar & Docking

We offer a wide variety of coplanar or docking products, from right-angle HM-Zd to blindmate, and products designed for ATCA Zone 1 applications.

IO Modules & Cables

Dynamic interconnect solutions stretch across various industries worldwide. Through our commitment to industry-leading technology, we've developed a diverse portfolio of I/O connectors to meet that demand and give you the competitive advantage.

Card Edge Sockets & Memory

Our broad portfolio of connectors for main memory modules, removable memory cards and microprocessors are developed to meet high-speed operation and high-density application demands.

Experienced Design

TE's experience in component-level simulation has allowed it to continue to provide industry-leading electrical models.

Documented Solutions

As an active participant in industry-wide activities, TE provides technical references and innovative solutions for a variety of system design challenges.

Signal Integrity

Signal integrity continues to be a growing industry driver in high-speed designs. TE recognizes that trend, and is committed to pioneering new products and tools that meet the growing demand.