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TE is a strong company with exceptional people, values and products, and we are committed to enabling our employees to unleash their full potential.
Thomas J. Lynch,
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


75,000 Employees including 7,300 Engineers


21 Global Design Centers (Figure includes TE’s Broadband Network Solutions (BNS) business which was recently divested.)


$583 Million RD&E Investment

Let's Create Something Brilliant Together (English)

See how TE is connecting with engineers to help bring their innovative ideas to life. Connect with us at everyconnectioncounts.com

Creating Greener Vehicles (English)

Vehicle manufacturers face pressure to make batteries faster, lighter, and cheaper, and that also operate in harsh conditions. TE works with customers to develop solutions for lithium-ion battery systems that are lightweight and compact, reliable, and cost-effective.

  • Powering Up Curiosity (English)

  • Automation & Control Technologies (English)