Engineers and Machines: Driving the Connected Future

Originally broadcasted by ECN, this panel features TE engineers talking about life in the world of Formula E racing. This discussion focuses on TE's partnership with Andretti Technologies and how this is enabling TE to develop innovative engineering solutions and test products in the harsh environment of autosport.

Filmed in the Andretti Formula E Team paddock at the Long Beach (USA) ePrix race track, participants explain how TE solutions can enable innovation beyond autosport, in aerospace, automotive, and the devices powering the Internet of Things (IoT). Participants included:

  • Rob Shaddock, TE EVP and CTO
  • Paul Webb, TE Sales and Marketing Manager, Autosport
  • Alan Amici, TE VP Product Engineering, Automotive
  • Alex Sharf, TE Development Engineering Manager
  • Ishin Ueyama, TE Field Application Engineer and Resident Engineer
  • Denise Quinnette, TE Director of Sales, Appliances
  • Roger Griffiths, Andretti Formula E Team, Director of Motorsport Development
  • Simona de Silvestro, Andretti Formula E Team, Driver
  • Janine Mooney, ECN, Editorial Content Director


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