Heat-shrinkable feedthroughs for reliable sealing protection

Feedthroughs provide environmental sealing and screen continuity to a bulkhead as a cable passes through. In our feedthroughs, the assembly consists of a specifically designed locknut and O-ring seal, onto the rear of which is preinstalled a Raychem heat-shrinkable molded part. Installing our feedthroughs is simple and easy: Simply tighten the locknut on the rear of the bulkhead. This compresses the O-ring; a small knife-edge establishes electrical contact between the assembly and the bulkhead.

Product Features

  • Strain relief
  • Heat-shrinkable 
  • Grounding and bonding 
  • EMI protection
  • Moisture sealing
  • Metal or plastic bodies
  • Multi leg-breakouts
  • Preinstalled adhesive
  • Available in right angle 
  • Prevents plastic creep for long term sealing

Two-Part Feedthrough

207W213 to 256

Material Number Precoat Adhesive
-3 /42, /86 S1017, S1048
-4 /42, /86 S1017, S1048
-12 N/A S1255-04
-25 /42, /86, /225 S1017, S1048, S1125
-100 /86, /180 S1048, S1030

Cable Feedthroughs

Product Part Description
TCFS Full length Molded Part
TCFR Shortened Molded Part

Available in either a single or double-sided assembly.  

Molded part type available in either a straight unscreened, 90° unscreened, straight screened, 45°screened or a 90° screened. in a -25 or -100 material  

Feedthrough material/ finish - Nickel aluminum bronze, shotblast, Aluminum alloy plated cadmium, olive drab, over electroless nickel, Aluminum alloy plated electroless nickel and Stainless stell plated eleectroless nickel  

Thread length standard 20mm