Positive Lock

Secure with Ease

TE Connectivity's Positive Lock receptacles facilitate assembly and secure retention to mating tabs, which significantly reduces the risk of terminal backout. Our vast array of Positive Lock products optimize your choice when selecting the most suitable receptacle for your designs, whether they be home appliances, industrial equipment, or automotive applications. See why our terminals are among the best in class when it comes to performance, ease-of-use, and cost competitiveness. New models support high temperature applications. Our portfolio of Positive Lock receptacles are engineered as fast, safe, and reliable terminal solutions for a broad range of applications.

Product Features

Positive Lock Receptacles and Housings
  • Low Insertion Force / High Retention
  • Enhanced Reliability
  • Available for Wide Range of Wire Sizes
  • Housing Offered in Choice of Materials / Colors
  • Standard and High Temperature Versions
  1. Positive Lock Receptacles and Housings Overview (English)

Reliability is paramount when customers bring your products into their homes—that's part of why our engineers designed Positive Lock receptacles and housings. Check out the video to learn more about Positive Lock receptacles and housings.

Product Types

Positive Lock Receptacles and Housings

Positive Lock Mark I: Lowest insertion force
The Mark I family are the lowest-insertion-force receptacles in their class. To reduce unwanted backout, they offer retention force with a mechanical snap that you can both hear and feel. Mark I receptacles provide a reliable, easy-to-use solution for high-current applications. The Mark I receptacles carry high current due to the transition area not being cut out to create a locking detent. The detent lever, which is an additional feature, is rolled back from the front of the terminal. The optimal spring location of the dimple enables low insertion force. 


Positive Lock Mark II: Competitively priced
Combining low insertion force with high retention force, the Mark II family provides a cost-effective, reliable solution. Priced to be competitive, the Mark II family offers superior value in many applications. The Mark II receptacle’s detent lever is created by punching out material from the transition area of the terminal. The rolls on these receptacles feature flared edges, and because the tab does not slide on the bare edge, insertion force is reduced.  New models meet high temperature requirements.


Positive Lock Mark III: Facilitates assembly
Mark III family of receptacles enhance insertion force and contact retention. The Mark III receptacle’s detent lever, similar to the Mark II product, has a cutout in the back transition area of the terminal.