pressure transducers

O2 Cleaned Pressure Transducers

Have your pressure transducer cleaned for oxygen pressure service.

TE manufactures pressure transducers and transmitters that can be cleaned for use with oxygen.  Cleaned to Praxair GS-38 standards, TE sensors and transducers are completely free of lint, oil, and contaminants with double-bagging used to protect it during shipment.


Using a one-piece stainless steel pressure sensor, various TE pressure transducers eliminate the risk of contamination of the oxygen with silicone oil as well as the possible rupture of an O-ring in ceramic diaphragm sensors. 316L pressure transducers are available for high pressure oxygen applications for optimal media compatibility. Products can be designed for hazardous locations including explosion-proof and intrinsically safe areas and are used in process plants as well as hospitals. TE also designs and manufactures differential pressure transducers for cryogenic liquid level measurement. By using differential pressure transducers in sealed tanks, TE designs and manufactures custom level measurement solutions using our MEMS technology or LVDT sensor technology.