Rocker Switches

Engineered for flexibility and reliability

TE offers a wide variety of rocker switches with several different mounting options. From panel to on board mounted switches, we have a rocker switch to address customer applications. Our portfolio includes switches with different actuator styles and amperage ranging from 4 to 21 amps.

A rocker switch is an electrical switch that rocks back and forth, and it is actuated by a paddle, standard rocker, or dual rocker.  This switch is available in different configurations that include ON/OFF, which works like a light switch; three-position, which have a center position that may or may not perform an OFF function; momentary; and maintained. They can be panel mounted. Rocker switch terminal types include feed-through style, wire leads, solder terminals, screw terminals, quick connect or blade terminals, surface mount technology, and straight, side, or right-angle PC pins. Rocker switch bases and actuators are usually made of plastic, thermoplastic, or metal materials. Features of rocker switches may include pilot light or illumination, imprinted markings, wiping contacts, locking mechanism, time delay, CE certification, CSA certification, UL listing, dustproof, weather resistant, and waterproof. Rocker switches are used in many devices and applications, including household products, HVAC equipment, medical systems, safety products, power supply units, and control panels.