High Voltage Mini K HV Precharge Relays

Mini K HV Precharge Relays

Reliable precharge solution. TE's high voltage Mini K HV precharge relays are a cost-effective, safe, light-weight and reliable solution for precharging the DC high voltage power system.

An innovative contact design enables switching loads at a system voltage of up to 450V. The Mini K HV supports the connection and disconnection of the traction battery in switching assemblies for hybrid and battery electric vehicles. Even under fault conditions, the Mini K HV reliably disconnects the precharge circuit from the traction battery for excellent safety. Our high voltage precharge relays, Mini K HV, operates safely with two arc extinguishing magnets. Its small package and PCB mount or plug-in terminals make it an easy choice for voltage levels up to 450VDC and precharge currents and limiting break currents up to 20 Amps.


DC high voltage precharge applications in:

  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles HEV, PHEV
  • Full Battery Electric Vehicles BEV
  • Fuel Cell Vehicles FCV 


  • Safe-magnetic arc suppression
  • Prevents contact welds
  • Form X (NO DM) contact arrangement
  • Suitable for voltage level up to 450VDC
  • Pre-charge current up to 20A
  • Limiting break currents up to 20A
  • Small package size – low profile
  • Lightweight
  • Available with PCB mount and plug-in terminals

Contact Data

  • Contact arrangement: 1 form X (NO-DM)
  • Rated voltage: 400VDC
  • Limiting continuous current: max. continuous current is limited and depends on operating conditions1
  • Limiting making current: 20A (105 ops.)
  • Limiting breaking current: 20A (max. 10 ops.)
  • Operate/release time max. (typ.): 2.5/1ms

Consult TE for details.

Coil Data

  • Rated coil voltage/power: 12VDC1
  • Rated coil power: 2.9W1

Consult TE for details.

Other Data

  • Ambient temperature: -40 to +85°C
  • Category of protection (PCB version): wash tight
  • Terminal type: plug-in and PCB
  • Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 25.5x20.7x19.3 (PCB version)
  • 29.9x29.9x34.7 (plug-in version without terminals)