Smart Current Sensor

Pin Configurable, Multi-functional Sensor Combines Five Products into a Single Lightweight, Ruggedized Package

TE Connectivity’s (TE) HARTMAN smart current sensor allows the user to maintain its trip curve throughout the temperature range while giving both current status and trip status of the system. If desired the user also has the ability to disable the trip curve. The pin configurable, multi-functional sensor combines five products into a single lightweight, ruggedized package.


Smart Current Sensor


  • Up to 5 different combinations in a single 10-pin configurable package 



  • One multipurpose sensor helps  eliminate the need for additional protection devices
  • Wider application range  allows customers to buy in volume for greater purchasing power



  • Hard mounted to a contactor  or stand-alone configurations  are available



  • Built-in overload detection status
  • Overcurrent protection on coil current
  • Same trip curve characteristics as thermal breaker
  • On/Off thermal breaker capability



  • Meets DO-160G



feet altitude


grams weight

Variations in Thermal Breaker Trip Times

This sensor offers the following trip curve features:

  • 200 AMP thermal breaker trip times
  • 300 AMP thermal breaker trip times
  • 400 AMP thermal breaker trip times
  • Reverse load detection/trip
  • Turn off thermal breaker
Trip Curve

Select Applications and Markets Served


  • Power Distribution
  • Load Shedding
  • Reverse Current Protection
  • Circuit Protection



  • Commercial Jets
  • Business Jets
  • Ground Vehicles
  • Helicopters

Mechanical Specifications

  • Analog Output: 0.5 VDC to 4.5 VDC 
  • Sensed Load: -20 Amps to 600 Amps 
  • Pin Configured: 200 A Trip, 300 A Trip, 400 A Trip, 
  • Reverse Current Trip


Environmental Specifications

  • Meets DO-160 EMI specifications for shock, vibration, temperature,  and altitude
  • Meets DO-160 specifications for power input, voltage spikes,  AF conducted susceptibility, induced signal susceptibility, RF