Watertight, Fume-tight, Heat-Shrinkable seals

TE’s Raychem cable entry seals (CES) are water-tight, heat-shrinkable products providing long-term sealing for cable penetrations into panels, junction boxes and through bulkheads. Heat-Shrinkable Cable Entry Seals (CES) are available with the molded area configured with one opening for a single wire or cable entry, or with two, three or four legs of equal size to seal multiple wires or cables. CESs are available in standard and threaded types, have factory-applied adhesive, and can accommodate single or multiple cables up to 2.5 inches in diameter. Other forms available in a EMI shielded configuration

Product Features

  • Strain relief
  • Heat-shrinkable 
  • Grounding and bonding 
  • EMI protection
  • Moisture sealing
  • Metal or plastic bodies
  • Multi leg-breakouts
  • Preinstalled adhesive
  • Available in right angle 
  • Prevents plastic creep for long term sealing


National pipe thread capacity- CES product line


Cable feedthrough with screened or unscreened molded boot

Two-Part Feedthrough

207W213 to 256

Material Number Precoat Adhesive
-3 /42, /86 S1017, S1048
-4 /42, /86 S1017, S1048
-12 N/A S1255-04
-25 /42, /86, /225 S1017, S1048, S1125
-100 /86, /180 S1048, S1030

Cable Entry Seals

Product Type Operating Tempature
Standard -55°C  to 90°C 
Breakout -55°C  to 90°C 
Threaded -55°C  to 90°C 
Threaded Breakout -55°C  to 90°C 
Right-Angle Threaded -55°C  to 90°C 
Right-Angle Breakout -55°C  to 90°C 

Cable Feedthroughs

Product Part Description
TCFS Full length Molded Part
TCFR Shortened Molded Part

Available in either a single or double-sided assembly.  

Molded part type available in either a straight unscreened, 90° unscreened, straight screened, 45°screened or a 90° screened. in a -25 or -100 material  

Feedthrough material/ finish - Nickel aluminum bronze, shotblast, Aluminum alloy plated cadmium, olive drab, over electroless nickel, Aluminum alloy plated electroless nickel and Stainless stell plated eleectroless nickel  

Thread length standard 20mm 

Typical Applications

  • Cable entry into junction boxes, panels and through bulk heads