Superior Current and Signal Density

Next-generation MULTI-BEAM Card Edge connectors deliver the best overall power and signal density to address the data communications market requirements in performance, profile, and cost. This is achieved with a 1.00mm signal contact pitch that provides up to 60% space savings and a 7.26mm power contact pitch that provides up to 30% space savings over current products. The exclusive TE design is scalable and modular to support greater flexibility in configuration and printed circuit board (PCB) design, as well as providing higher power per contact up to 43A.

Product Features

MULTI-BEAM Card Edge Connectors
  • Achieve higher density with a 1.00mm signal contact pitch (up to 60% space savings) and 7.26mm power contact pitch (up to 30% space savings)
  • Provide greater power per contact up to 43A
  • Support two PCB thicknesses: 1.57mm and 2.36mm
  • Help prevent solder bridging with more clearance between PCB pads and the signal contact
  • Provide easier mating alignment with 1.3mm larger pads
  • Offer improved gatherability for blind-mate applications [+/-2.0mm (X), +/-1.54mm (Y)]
  • Enhance scalability and modularity with common power and signal contact modules, different contact quantities and positions and AC/DC, low power and high power options
  • Provide easy mating/un-mating with proper retention force and low level contact resistance


Max Per Power Contact


Max Per Signal Contact


Max Mating Cycles

Three Unique Configurations:

MULTI-BEAM Card Edge Connectors
  • Vertical
  • Right Angle
  • Straddle
Right Angle
Right Angle

Select Applications:

MULTI-BEAM Card Edge Connectors
  • Data Center
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial automation devices
  • Power systems