RAPID LOCK Power Connectors

Fast to Lock, Reliable, and Easy to Service

The RAPID LOCK connector is a single-pole, quick connect and disconnect replacement for lug connections. This connector is used in bus bar and backplane power distribution applications, is reliable and offers better serviceability than bolt-fitted lugs. The mating pin contacts can be attached to a bus bar by screw or swage and to a backplane by press-fit and backup screw. Since RAPID LOCK connectors include no nuts and washers to lose in the equipment, service in the field is easy, and by replacing power lugs fitted using nuts and bolts, this bus bar connector offers an extremely secure interconnect mechanism with minimal risk of loose connections and arcing.

Product Features

RAPID LOCK Connectors
  • Replacement for threaded studs
  • No loose nuts means no fretting or heat rise
  • Proven CROWN BAND technology
  • Quick connect and disconnect, with safety locking feature
  • Currents from 50A to 250A
  • Wire sizes from 2.5mm2 to 95mm2
  • Straight and right angle versions
  • Protective cable or crimp covers
  • Industry standard crimp tooling
  • Available with blue, red, or black color insulators for color coding


Cable-mounted sockets are available with straight and right-angle configuration.


With no nuts and washers, connector service is quick and easy.


Cables connect by hand and disconnect with a simple unlock tool.

RAPID LOCK Bus Bar Connectors

Quick Connect and Disconnect
  • RAPID LOCK Pins Swage-Mount or Screw-Mount (Bus Bar or PCB)
  • RAPID LOCK Sockets (Straight and Right-Angle)
  • Optional Protective Cover