MULTI-BEAM HD Power Connectors

Powerful and Customizable Connectors

With a variety of available power and signal contacts, mating sequences, and a modular design, you can design in the MULTI-BEAM XLE, MULTI-BEAM XL, MULTI-BEAM High Density (HD) or MULTI-BEAM Plus power connectors that best fit your application needs. These connectors are ideal for blind-mating in modular and rack mounted systems.


MULTI-BEAM XLE rectangular power connectors are the first in the market to reach up to 80A/contact with 4 adjacent contacts, while enabling backward-compatibility to our previous MULTI-BEAM XLE connectors. This allows for easy integration between chassis and power supply units (PSUs) that may be using previous generations of MULTI-BEAM XLE connectors.


  • Higher power density reduces power consumption to help save on system operating costs
  • Modular design allows for high scalability and flexibility in configurations
  • Available in vertical and right angle configurations
  • Optional guide pin is available for easier mating
Vertical plug, press fit
Vertical plug, press fit
Right angle receptacle, solder
Right angle receptacle, solder

MULTI-BEAM Plus Connectors

Save space and reduce power consumption

Our MULTI-BEAM Plus power connectors address the market need for higher power and higher performance with the highest current per power contact up to 100A/contact with four adjacent power contacts. This higher power and signal density saves space and reduces power consumption. These connectors are the next generation of our MULTI-BEAM XLE connectors. They share the same low profile dimension and enable the same airflow through your system.

MULTI-BEAM Plus Receptacle Connector
MULTI-BEAM Plus Receptacle Connector
MULTI-BEAM Plus Plug Connector
MULTI-BEAM Plus Plug Connector


Modular tooling makes the connector highly configurable.


Slim guide sockets reduce the overall PCB footprint.


Vented housing allows for better heat dissipation.

Select Applications

MULTI-BEAM XL/XLE/HD Power Distribution
  • Compact (1U) Computer Servers through High-End Servers
  • Fault-Tolerant Computers
  • Networking Equipment
  • Telecommunication Switches
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Industrial Control Equipment
  • Power Systems

Things to Consider

When Choosing a Power Connector

When choosing a power connector, consider the type of connector the application needs, its current and voltage requirements, and whether or not it will require hot-pluggability: 


Does the application require a board-to-board, wire-to-board, wire-to-wire, bus bar, or a combination of these types of connectors? Our portfolio of power connectors can help.


Does the connector require power only, or a combination of power and signal, and how much current is required in the application?


Will the application be mated while under electrical load? If so, a hot-pluggable MULTI-BEAM connector is required.

Product Features

MULTI-BEAM HD Power Connectors
  • High current density: each power contact carries up to135 A
  • High signal density: signal contact is integrated with end module, each end module can support up to 15 signals
  • Common signal module and power contact module
  • Flexible configurations with different contact quantity and positions
  • High  power and low power contact types
  • Tooling platform is common for all configurations to decrease the new  tooling investment
  • Much higher current per contact to decrease the cost of total current capacity
  • Flexible offset variable in receptacle side
  • Low resistance and voltage drop
  • Superior and long term reliability
  • TE consistent quality control

Product Features

MULTI-BEAM XLE Power Connectors for Hot-Swappable Power Supplies
  • Six-beam power contact delivers more than 200 Amps per linear inch
  • 25A low power contact occupies 50% less PCB space than MULTI-BEAM XL power contact
  • Two hot-pluggable power contact options: 50A (high-power) and 20A (low-power)
  • Over 40% lower mating force than MULTI-BEAM XL connector
  • Slimmer housing design allows 40% more current in the same space as MULTI-BEAM XL connector
  • Vented housing allows for better air flow and heat dissipation

Product Features

MULTI-BEAM XLE Power Connectors for Cable Power
  • Low and high power options in same connector
  • X, Y, Z float mount, blind-mate connectors for drawer-type applications
  • Modular design to meet any application


  • Design allows for more angular misalignment than MULTI-BEAM XL connector
  • Hot-pluggable connectors for ease of operation
  • Panel mount, slide-to-lock, and squeeze-to-release configurations available

Product Features

MULTI-BEAM XL Power Connectors
  • Expandable length to accommodate many combinations of high power, low power, and signal contacts.
  • Various centerline spacing options available to accommodate higher voltages and higher current requirements
  • Custom configurable modular design
  • Tested and certified to UL 1977
  • AC and DC power can be accommodated in the same connector, meeting UL safety requirements
  • Generous blind-mateability with molded-in guide pins
  • Up to three levels of contact sequencing
  • Low mating and un-mating force
  • Solder or press-fit termination to PCB