MULTI-BEAM HD Power Connectors

Powerful and Customizable Connector Selections

With a variety of available power and signal contacts, mating sequences, and a modular design, you can design in the MULTI-BEAM XLE, MULTI-BEAM XL, or new MULTI-BEAM High Density (HD) power connectors that best fit your application needs. These connectors are ideal for blind-mating in modular and rack mounted systems.


Modular tooling makes the connector highly configurable.


Slim guide sockets reduce the overall PCB footprint.


Vented housing allows for better heat dissipation.

New MULTI-BEAM HD Connectors

Up to 135A per contact

TE’s new MULTI-BEAM high density (HD) connectors offer a more compact design with up to 135A per power contact and feature high density power and signal which saves space and reduces overall power consumption.

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Product Features

MULTI-BEAM HD Power Connectors
  • High current density: each power contact carries up to135 A
  • High signal density: signal contact is integrated with end module, each end module can support up to 15 signals
  • Common signal module and power contact module
  • Flexible configurations with different contact quantity and positions
  • High  power and low power contact types
  • Tooling platform is common for all configurations to decrease the new  tooling investment
  • Much higher current per contact to decrease the cost of total current capacity
  • Flexible offset variable in receptacle side
  • Low resistance and voltage drop
  • Superior and long term reliability
  • TE consistent quality control

Product Features

MULTI-BEAM XLE Power Connectors for Hot-Swappable Power Supplies
  • Six-beam power contact delivers more than 200 Amps per linear inch
  • 25A low power contact occupies 50% less PCB space than MULTI-BEAM XL power contact
  • Two hot-pluggable power contact options: 50A (high-power) and 20A (low-power)
  • Over 40% lower mating force than MULTI-BEAM XL connector
  • Slimmer housing design allows 40% more current in the same space as MULTI-BEAM XL connector
  • Vented housing allows for better air flow and heat dissipation

Product Features

MULTI-BEAM XLE Power Connectors for Cable Power
  • Low and high power options in same connector
  • X, Y, Z float mount, blind-mate connectors for drawer-type applications
  • Modular design to meet any application


  • Design allows for more angular misalignment than MULTI-BEAM XL connector
  • Hot-pluggable connectors for ease of operation
  • Panel mount, slide-to-lock, and squeeze-to-release configurations available

Product Features

MULTI-BEAM XL Power Connectors
  • Expandable length to accommodate many combinations of high power, low power, and signal contacts.
  • Various centerline spacing options available to accommodate higher voltages and higher current requirements
  • Custom configurable modular design
  • Tested and certified to UL 1977
  • AC and DC power can be accommodated in the same connector, meeting UL safety requirements
  • Generous blind-mateability with molded-in guide pins
  • Up to three levels of contact sequencing
  • Low mating and un-mating force
  • Solder or press-fit termination to PCB

Things to Consider

When Choosing a Power Connector

When choosing a power connector, consider the type of connector the application needs, its current and voltage requirements, and whether or not it will require hot-pluggability: 


Does the application require a board-to-board, wire-to-board, wire-to-wire, bus bar, or a combination of these types of connectors? Our portfolio of power connectors can help.


Does the connector require power only, or a combination of power and signal, and how much current is required in the application?


Will the application be mated while under electrical load? If so, a hot-pluggable MULTI-BEAM connector is required.