Serial connectors are designed to provide signal integrity at higher data rates. Our portfolio of High-Speed Serial Connectors offers standard interfaces and the flexibility of various data rates and protocols. Our Serial ATA (SATA) connector replaces the parallel ATA bus to meet the increased bandwidth and performance demands. Our Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) connectors offer enterprise storage solutions in a Small Form Factor (SFF) standard connector engineered for differential signaling and drive performance. Our Mini-SAS connectors provide next-generation speeds for both internal and external applications, while complying with SAS standards.

High Speed Serial Interconnects

In Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and Solid State Drives (SSD) for personal computers, our SATA connectors offer point-to-point link with hot-plugging capability and a wide range of height and orientation options. In mainstream servers and enterprise storage systems, our SAS connectors support dual porting capability with faster spindle speeds and transfer rates of up to 12Gbps. In data center storage and switching systems, our internal Mini-SAS HD connector offers a 12 Gb/s high-density, high-speed interface capable of supporting an aggregate data rate of 48 Gb/s per connector (12G x 4 lanes) with a version capable of transferring an aggregate data rate of 192 Gbps, in a design approximately 30% smaller than conventional internal Mini-SAS connectors. With TE's High Speed Serial Connectors, you get a high-performance design from a company that is a leading presence in developing storage I/O standards and new interface standards.