Store More Memories

CompactFlash storage cards are small, removable, mass-storage devices. They electrically comply with CompactFlash Association standards, the PC Card ATA standard, and run in True IDE mode. These 50-position cards typically hold between 32 MB and 2 GB of memory and are about the size of a matchbook. TE’s connectors include headers that can accept Type I (3.3mm thick) or Type II (5.0mm thick) storage cards, flush and raised mounting heights, and ejectors. TE CompactFlash card connectors also provide electrostatic discharge protection.

Product Features

CompactFlash Connectors
  • Robust surface-mountable designs
  • Proven PCMCIA contact technology 
  • Accepts hardware for mechanical mounting 
  • Top- and bottom-mounting styles 
  • Right-angle and vertical orientations


Thickness of Type I


Thickness of Type II


Compact, but holds a lot of data!

Select Applications

CompactFlash Connectors
  • Desktop and laptop computers
  • Digital cameras
  • Smart phones
  • Data recorders
  • Slot machines
  • Industrial and embedded computers


CompactFlash storage card life expectancy

According to the CompactFlash website, a CompactFlash card can be expected to last around a hundred years. It would appear that this technology beats the silver-fish-eaten photo album of old! TE is pleased to provide the header into which Type I or Type II of these storage cards are accepted.