3.3 Centerline GRACE INERTIA connectors

Fewer Assembly Errors, Better Connections

3.3mm pitch GRACE INERTIA (3.3 GI) connectors are great solutions to help eliminate human error during assembly. GRACE INERTIA connectors employ an inertia locking mechanism that simultaneously completes the circuit and then “locks” the connector, helping to provide ideal mating reliability and prevention of mismatching. Use of an optional terminal position assurance device (TPA) helps to ensure the contacts are fully inserted into the housing and do not back out. The header provides a PCB to contact height of 8mm, which prevents urethane coating from flowing into the housing. This is particularly advantageous for applications such as washing machines.

Product Features

  • Design assures proper insertion, preventing header pin deformation 
  • Inertia locking mechanism helps prevent unintended disconnection 
  • Lanceless contacts prevent snagging or entanglement
  • 4 keying methods and colors
  • Dual beam contact design provides good contact and durability
  • Ergonomic design allows easy assembly 
  • 4A maximum rating, 250VAC/VDC