STRADA Whisper Backplane Connector Family

Blinding Speeds

The STRADA Whisper backplane family was designed with your need for high-performing, high-bandwidth systems in mind. Its revolutionary design transfers data at blinding speeds of 25 Gbps and offers an innovative scalability up to 112 Gbps—allowing you to achieve efficient future system upgrades without costly backplane or midplane redesigns. The STRADA Whisper product family operates with extremely low noise, low insertion loss and little to no skew—all of which provide design flexibility and high design margin. The connectors are differentiated by folded signal pins surrounded by strong, protective C-shaped shields, which make the product family one of the most robust offerings in the market. Additionally, the connector footprint keeps crosstalk down and the overall connector design uses latest eye-of-needle (EON) technology.

NEW STRADA Whisper Cable Receptacle

Design for Next-Gen Data Rates

STRADA Whisper cable receptacles can allow you to start designing for up to 112G PAM4 speeds in your servers, switches and routers. These cable receptacles incorporate STRADA Whisper connectors on one end and a variety of mid-board or to I/O products on the other, bypassing the PCB and minimizing insertion loss and cross talk. Compatible with existing TE backplane, mid-board and I/O products including QSFP, Sliver and more – allowing you to easily design your next generation system architecture.


STRADA Whisper R Connectors

Critical Upgrade Path from 56G to 112G

STRADA Whisper R high-speed backplane connectors help provide a critical upgrade path from 56G to 112G, making future data center upgrades easier. A newly-optimized footprint helps ensure low cross talk noise, enables the migration path to 112G, and makes these connectors more cost-effective.

4x4 Receptacle
4x4 Receptacle
4x4 Header
4x4 Header
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Product Features

STRADA Whisper High Speed Backplane Connectors
  • Proven 112 Gbps connector
  • Simple upgrade path
  • Industry leading crosstalk performance
  • Robust signal pins and ground shields
  • Best-in-class EMI performance
  • Flexible design options to support most architectures
  • 1.5mm un-mate electrical performance
  • Skew-less design without cancellation tricks
Direct Plug Orthogonal
Direct Plug Orthogonal (DPO) Configuration
Orthogonal Midplane
Orthogonal Midplane Configuration
Cabled Midplane
Cabled Midplane Configuration
Backplane Header and Receptacle
Backplane Configuration
  1. STRADA Whisper DPO Connectors (English)

TE’s new STRADA Whisper direct plug orthogonal connectors are designed to help eliminate midplane connectivity, reduce costs and improve airflow in switches, servers, base stations and other types of communications equipment.

Cabled STRADA Whisper Connectors

Flexible Solutions

As PCBs become cost-prohibitive at higher data rates, cable STRADA Whisper connectors provide a flexible solution with their ability to run longer channels. By not being tied to a PCB, connection options are expanded. We offer three main cabled solutions: point-to-point cable, value-add assemblies and a full backplane/midplane solution.

Cabled STRADA Whisper also reduces insertion loss for improved channel margin and allows for more creative system architecture design possibilities. These products can support 112 Gbps PAM-4, with future expansion to 56 Gbps NRZ and 112 Gbps PAM-4. Our manufacturing process includes extensive electrical and visual checks at every step to bring you the best quality product possible.


View Cabled STRADA Whisper Connectors

STRADA Cabled Whisper

Your Design Partner For High-Speed Architectures

Smooth Transitions

To ensure smooth transitions from 10 Gbps and 25 Gbps systems to 56 Gbps and beyond using the STRADA Whisper connector, TE can assign a team of experts—comprised of our best signal integrity and mechanical engineers—to help you develop a solution that fits right into your architecture. Whether it is traditional backplane, orthogonal midplane, direct plug orthogonal, or a cabled-backplane system, we can tailor the STRADA Whisper product portfolio to best fit and enable your system architecture.

Electrical Specifications

STRADA Whisper
  • Power Sum FEXT is lower than -50 dB for system implementation at 12.5 GHz
  • Insertion loss is less than 1dB and linear up to 20 GHz
  • Individual shielded pairs offer excellent signal integrity / EMI performance
  • Little to no skew through high-speed differential pairs
  • Common mode impedance controlled throughout the connector, including footprint and mating interface
  • Superior 25 Gbps electrical performance maintained even in a 1.5mm unmated condition
  • No reliance on noise cancellation, unlike some competitive products, which can be critical in high-speed applications
  • 85-Ohm and 100-Ohm versions available
Figure 1. Close up of signal contacts
Close up of signal contacts: Each differential pair is surrounded by six ground connection points.
Figure 2. Receptacle contacts
Receptacle contacts feature 360-shield springs and wide paddle tips.

Mechanical Robustness

Simplified Board Design

Signal contacts are arranged horizontally in highspeed differential pairs for zero skew. This makes your board design simpler, while increasing signal integrity performance and saving board space. Each differential pair is surrounded by six ground connection points.

The connector allows for 1.5mm worth of mating separation (between both the ground and signal) through TE’s patented C-shaped, 360-grounding design, which includes an extra “orphan” shield at the bottom of the horizontal stack of contacts for complete shielding. The 360-ground shield provides high signal integrity margin, (electrical margin) granting you more chip and PCB flexibility. C-shaped shields protrude outwards to protect signal pins from damage.

Tabs on the sides of C-shield assure that ground contacts have at least a 2.5mm wipe, which helps maintain electrical performance with 1.5mm of un-mate condition.

Header Assembly
The header assembly features a robust housing, C-shields, and an "orphan" flat ground for complete shielding.
Header Tabs
Tabs on the sides of C-shields help maintain electrical performance with up to 1.5mm un-mate condition.
  1. Re-architecting the Data Center, STRADA Whisper Backplane Connectors (English)

TE Product Manager Doug Lawrence explains how designing STRADA Whisper connectors into your communication system can put you ahead of the game. The innovative design transfers data at blinding speeds of 25 to 56 Gbps and operates with extremely low noise, low insertion loss and little to no skew.