Industrial RJ45 Jacks with integrated magnetics

Industrial RJ45 jacks with integrated magnetics

Industrial RJ45 connector jacks with integrated magnetics are 260 degrees C PIP reflow capable which fit industrial assembly/solder process removing the need for an extra assembly/solder step. The thicker gold plating improves corrosion resistance and reduces electrical problems over the equipment lifetime, making the connectors more durable and reliable. With its extended temperature range the connector enables customers to use industrial RJ45 connectors in industrial environments.

Industrial RJ45 jacks with integrated magnetics offer a highly integrated connectivity solution-from the cable to the physical layer-for Industrial Ethernet. Integrating the magnetics into the jack allows for a much improved EMI noise shielding, enabling more reliable connections. A standardized portfolio with 1x1 straight and R/A, 1x2, 2x1 form factors addresses many of the industrial applications, which allows customers to find the solution they are looking for. Specific industrial requirements such as high reliability, corrosion resistance, extended temperature range and long product lifetime are all addressed, including support of the latest reflow production processes. 


  • Extensive temperature range between -40…+85 degrees C
  • Minimum product life requirement of 10 years                    
  • 260 degrees C PIP soldering reflow capability
  • Plating thickness 0,76µm [30µinch] gold over 1,27µm [50µinch] nickel  


  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • IO Modules
  • Servo Drive
  • Industrial PC
  • All Industrial applications requiring Ethernet or RJ45 connectivity
As automation and the need for connectivity increases in factories worldwide, our engineers continue to develop reliable solutions for industrial Ethernet applications that help customers improve connectivity, reduce downtime and are more cost-effective
Ruud van den Brink,
Product Manager