M12 Rail Cable Connectors

M12 Rail

The newly expanded M12 connector system, designed for railway (EN45545) and automation industry applications, provides a solution that safely and reliably helps ensure communication in harsh environments.


  • Reduced installation times when compared with gland sealed connectors
  • Reduced service time and cost with easier access to thread grip


M12 Cable Connectors for field assembly. Our crimp flange technology and machined crimp contacts providing 360o EMI/RFI shielding, torsion and vibration proof cable strain relief. With IP rating and compliance to essential rail standards, this rail engineered product is fast to assemble in the factory or in the field.

Main Characteristics

  • Temperature Range: 

    -40oC (-30oC with boot) to 85oC

  • Current Rating:

    A-5 / D-4 : 4 Amp A-8 : 2 Amp

  • Operational Voltage:

    A-5 / B-5 / D-4 : 50 V DC A-8 : 30 V DC

  • Contact Resistance:

    < 5 mΩ

  • Insulation Resistance:

 > 100 MΩ

  • Data Transmission Rate:

    Up to 10GBit/s

  • IP Rating:


  • Mating Cycles:

 > 200 mating Cycles

  1. M12 Cable Connectors Assembly Video (Video)

How to assemble M12 Cable Connectors for field assembly.

Main Applications

  • CCTV
  • Door controls
  • Passenger Information Systems
  • Inverter/Converter control
  • Train management
  • Wayside control




  • Train Control
  • Train Communications
  • Trackside Control
  • Trackside Communications


  • IEC 11801:2002
  • EN 61373 Class 1
  • Fire Performance NFF16101, NFF16102, EN45545
  • EN60529 IP67 rating