High Speed Data (HSD) Connections

High Speed Data Connectors with performance up to 6Gbps

Our portfolio of fully shielded HSD and HSL connector systems supports up to 6 Gbps and 1 Gbps respectively, accommodating different wire types and sizes. Compatible with LVDS, Ethernet and USB protocols, it features a full range of headers and connectors for unsealed and sealed applications. Both HSD and HSL products have been designed specifically for automated manufacturing and benefit from TE’s truly global manufacturing footprint.

Applications & Protocols

Example Applications Protocols
Legacy infotainment SerDes:
Dashboard/ Touch Screens GMSL1
HD Screens FPD-Link III/IV
Bluetooth APIX2
USB connections USB 2.0
Dual band WIFI  
Surround cameras  

Key Product Features

  • Fully shielded connector system for different wire sizes and types
  • Compatible with LVDS, Ethernet and USB protocols
  • Full range of connectors for unsealed & sealed applications
  • Extensive PCB header portfolio
  • High level of process automation and global manufacturing footprint
  • IDB 1394 Automotive Specification
  • USCAR 2, REV 5
  • LV214 
  • RoHS compliant