HC-STAK 25 HV Interconnection System

HC-STAK 25 HV Interconnection System

The HC-STAK 25 HV interconnection system is specifically designed to provide a safe and reliable connection between the HV battery and inverter or the power distribution and e-motor. With a voltage rating of up to 1,000 VDC and a current carrying capability of up to 257 A at 85°C (50 mm² wire) the HC-STAK 25 product is a high-performance interconnection system that is both scalable and capable of reliable high-power distribution to each aggregate. A noteworthy double ended-fork terminal system provides a low contact resistance arrangement while meeting sealing, shielding, and touch-safe requirements in a very compact package. It has the flexibility to interconnect with a wide range of conductor cross-sections, geometry, and materials.

HC-STAK 25 HV Interconnection System Plug 90°
HC-STAK 25 - Plug 90°
HC-STAK 25 HV Interconnection System Header (front)
HC-STAK 25 - Header (front)
HC-STAK 25 HV Interconnection System Header (back)
HC-STAK 25 - Header (back)

Technical Data

Interconnection systems and terminals must be designed to enable high-voltage connectivity for system voltages up to 1,000 VDC.

  HC-STAK HV Interconnection System
Poles / Shield 2p / Shielded
Plug Dimension (H/W/L) 50 * 57 * 116 mm (90°)
Current Carrying Capability 257 A at 85°C (50 mm²) / Class 4
Vibration Level USCAR V1
Connector Options Plug 90°, Header 180°
Terminal Size / System Fork Contact
Conductor Cross Section 25 - 50 mm²
Wire & Conductor Type Single-Core / Copper & Aluminum
Termination Type Welding
Voltage Rating 1,000 VDC
IP Rating – Mated IP 67, IP6X9X, IPXXD
IP Rating – Unmated IP2XB
EMC Shield Resistance
HV Interlock Option Yes
Sensor Option No
Automation Capable No
Temperature Range -40 °C up to +125 °C
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