DT-XT Connectors

Innovative, High-Performance DT-XT Connectors

Our DT-XT connectors are the latest addition to our robust DEUTSCH connector portfolio. The connector series features innovative, high-performance sealing technology for all your commercial vehicle applications, no matter how harsh the conditions and location of your vehicle. More advanced sealing materials and covalent bonds offer increased flexibility, resulting in improved tear resistance and seal positioning, while a rear sealing cover protects against water ingress due to cable management.

Product Components

DT-XT Connectors
  • Snap-in HCR (High consistency rubber) Seals: Located on the back of the covers without exceeding the dimensions of the enclosures, which allows for flexible cable exits and movements and protects against damage during insertion or removal of the terminal.
  • Housing: Available in various color codes. The colored housings facilitate and simplify the insertion of wire harnesses through visual components, which prevents mismating and the need for labeling wires.
  • Advanced Sealing Materials: Offer greater flexibility, which results in improved tear resistance, while a rear seal cover protects against water ingress. The DT-XT Connector fulfils the specifications of the Heavy-Duty Electrical Connector Performance Standard test SAE J2030. 
  • Cutting-edge Seal Technology: Makes the DT-XT a reliable sealed mated system, preventing electrical failures in critical wiring applications while providing high sealing requirements for harsh environments. 
  • Integrated Rear Covers: Removes the bend radius of the seal. By seating the rear seal deeper into the connector, the rear cover takes this stress protecting the seal and preventing leak path.
  • Thermoplastic Plug Housing: Forms a covalent bond with the LSR seal, resulting in a strong interlock. This prevents fluid ingress and seal loss or misalignment, even though repeated mating and un-mating.
Featuring innovative, high-performance seal technology for all your commercial vehicle applications, no matter how harsh the conditions.
DT-XT Connectors