Phoenix Optix Power Drive

Phoenix Optix Power Drive

Rapid Deployment of Critical Power For a Variety of Applications

A family of UL and CUL Listed power distribution cable assemblies for both overhead and underfloor power applications. Phoenix Optix Power Drive assemblies allow you to quickly and easily deploy reliable power in a variety of environments: data centers, colocations, cell towers, entertainment venues, and industrial areas and anywhere you need to deliver critical power. Each Power Drive assembly is manufactured using only UL Listed components and is 100% factory tested, helping eliminate field failures and work disruption. All assemblies are delivered ready to deploy, and can be fitted with custom labeling configurations to assist in location identification and cut down on installation time.

100% Factory Tested

To ensure performance and reliability, each assembly is 100% factory tested and inspected against our own strict in-house standard that exceeds UL requirements for prefabricated wiring systems.

  • Ground Integrity
  • Continuity
  • Insulation Leakage
  • Circuit Voltage Capacity (Hi-Pot tested at twice rated voltage plus 1,000 volts)
  • Proper Phase Rotations
Russellstoll Power Whip
NEMA Power Whip
Duplex Power Whip
Pin and Sleeve Whip

Customized To Your Specification

Each prefabricated assembly is custom built to your spefication to ensure compatability with your application.

  • NEMA, Russellstoll, IEC309, and IBM style connectors and receptacles
  • Liquid Tight, SO Cord, MC Cable, and Tray Cable available
  • Single or Multiple Circuit Cables
  • Ten Liquid-Tight Conduit Colors To Seperate Primary and Reundant Power and Identify Individual Runs
  • Custom Labeling With UL Certification, PDU/RP Identification, Circuit Number, Customer Logo