Phoenix Optix Luminix

Phoenix Optix Luminix Cabling System

High-performance fiber optic cabling using multifiber MTP connectors for faster installation, higher rack densities, and an easier transition to 40/100G

The Luminix cabling system gives you the high-density, modular system designed to maximize efficient use of rack space and simplify cable management. By using multifiber MTP connectors, Luminix cabling systems reduce the cabling footprint to help improve airflow and cooling while helping to future-proof your network by simplifying the transition to 40/100GbE. Every Phoenix Optix Luminix product is manufactured in Rhode Island and factory tested for adherence to our own strict in-house standards for insertion loss, return loss, and endface geometry ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Pre-terminated fiber assemblies ship ready to install for plug-and-play simplicty, saving hundreds of hours in the field versus field terminations.

Luminix Assemblies with Cassettes

Multifiber Array Connectors

  • MTP connectors for up to 24 fibers in a single ferrule
  • Standard and low-loss versions
  • Standard and high-density cassettes

High Optical Performance

  • Exceeds industry standards for insertion loss, return loss, and endface geometry
  • Factory terminated and tested
  • Full test documentation provided with each assembly

Easy to Install

  • Preterminated cables for fast plug-and-play simplicity--and no onsite terminations
  • Up to 70% reduction in installation time 
Luminix Cassettes
Luminix Assemblies
Backbone and Patch Cable Assemblies
Luminix Adapter Panels
Adapter Panels
Luminix Enclosures
Enclosures and Splice Trays