TE Hybrid Cables

EV Charging and Infrastructure Cable Assembly

EV Charging Cable Assembly are capable of high mating cycle requirements and meet SAE J1772 specifications, are UL 2251 recognized and are designed with materials that meet outdoor classification F1 (UL).

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Solutions. TE's EV Charging Cable Assembly for Type 1 / Level 2 charging are capable of high mating cycle requirements, uses a magnetic reed switch rather than mechanical switches, and meets SAE J1772 specifications. Contact assemblies are sealed against moisture and corrosion and are UL 2251 recognized. Designed with the end user in mind, materials meet outdoor classification F1 (UL) and are resistant to common automotive fluids. You can depend on TE to be safe and reliable in your application. Our core competencies in connectivity and cable manufacturing sets TE apart from other EV charge competition. 






  • Improved safety and reliability with individual housing seal for each contact
  • Individual seals to prevent moisture inside the connector body and prevent corrosion of the crimping zone.
  • Magnetically operated reed switch increases life of product and reduces arc effect.
  • No electrical power required to operate reed switch.
  • Materials are resistant to UV (F1) exposure and common automotive fluids.
  • UL 2251 recognized


  • Single-ended termination for integration into EVSE by equipment builder
  • For AC use only