AMP+ Charging Cable Assembly Type 2

AMP+ Charging Cable Assembly Type 2

TE's current generation of AMP+ charging cable assemblies feature a high performing in-cable control box (ICCB) for maximum reliability and reinforced user safety.

Reinforced user safety. TE's AMP+ charging cables for hybrid and electric vehicles are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the international charging standard IEC 61851-1/-22. This standard defines several types of on-board vehicle interfaces such as type 1 for North America and Japan and type 2 for Europe with two charging modes including any wall power outlet, at home for example, and high-performance charging stations. Type 2 meets the IEC 61851-1 and IEC 62196-1 standards and specifications. At the core of the product a high performing ICCB ensures maximum reliability and user safety. TE's AMP+ charging cable assemblies can be customized with specific color combinations and labeling.



Product Highlights

  • Inner parts are moisture and corrosion sealed for increased protection
  • Customizable color combinations and labelling  

Typical Applications

  • Mode 2: Home charging
  • Mode 3: Public charging and home wall boxes

Mechanical Data

  • 100N maximum mating force
  • 10,000 mating cycles

Electrical Data

  • Up to 16A (Mode 2)
  • Up to 32A (Mode 3)

Standard and Specifications

  • IEC 61851-1
  • IEC 62196-1
  • IEC 62196-2