Seacon Phoenix

Seacon Phoenix

Underwater electrical and fiber optic connectors are suitable for use in harsh environments. SEACON Phoenix high quality products can be used for a variety of applications including defense / military marine, energy, security, geophysical, and telecommunications.

TE's SEACON Phoenix, LLC is located in Ashaway, Rhode Island. We specialize in the manufacture of glass sealed electrical connectors, feed thrus, and MIL-SPEC approved connectors and hull penetrators as well as neoprene and polyurethane cable assemblies, harsh environment connectors, and military fiber optic cables and assemblies. Suitable for use in harsh environments, our high quality products can be used for a variety of applications including defense, energy, security, geophysical, and telecommunications.
Our highly qualified engineering team offers assistance in all aspects of customer design and fabrication. We also provide in-house testing for helium leak detection as well as hydrostatic, mechanical, electrical, and fiber optics. Many of our connector products are corrosion resistant, with pressure ratings of up to 20,000 psi and operating temperatures of between 500°F to 600°F (260°C to 315°C) with a hermeticity good at 1 x 10-9 leak rates. SEACON Phoenix, LLC operate a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001. 

Our Products

MIL-SPEC Connectors

SEACON Phoenix, LLC is a US Navy qualified source of MIL-C-24231 connectors. These rugged, dry mateable electrical connectors are designed for the harsh environment of a submarine, but can be used in any marine environment where performance is crucial.


SEACON Phoenix MIL SPEC Connectors

SEACON Phoenix, LLC’s glass to metal seal technology is incorporated in our line of MIL-C-24217 connectors. This series is widely used for deep submergence applications and is manufactured and tested to the strict requirements of the Navy MIL-C-24217.

SEACON Phoenix MIL-C-24217
Fiber Optic Connectors and Cable Assemblies

SEACON Phoenix, LLC’s fiber optic connectors and cable assemblies are designed to deliver data in the harshest of environments. Adhering to the strictest military and commercial standards SEACON Phoenix, LLC fiber optics are a reliable source to provide increased bandwidth where it is needed most!

SEACON Phoenix Fiber Optic Connectors
SEACON Phoenix Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
Hull Penetrators

SEACON Phoenix, LLC specializes in the engineering and manufacture of Hull Penetrators. As a qualified source of the United States Navy to supply Sub Safe Level One products SEACON Phoenix, LLC is an industry leading supplier of electrical and fiber optic hull penetrators. 

SEACON Phoenix Hull Penetrators
Glass to Metal Seal Connectors and Penetrators

SEACON Phoenix, LLC’s glass to metal seal connectors are used in harsh environments in the military, marine, and oil and gas industries. SEACON Phoenix, LLC’s ability to create a water tight seal between the glass, electrical contact and metal shell of the connector gives our customers a reliable connection that they can count on. SEA CON®'s MINI Con and MSS (Metal Shell Series) are available in a glass seal version.

SEACON Phoenix Glass to Metal Seal Connectors
Cabel Assemblies

SEACON Phoenix, LLC’s cable assemblies can be found on the most sophisticated systems of a submarine including sonar systems, vertical launch systems, and dry deck shelter platforms. SEACON Phoenix, LLC’s expertise in polyurethane and neoprene molding, along with in-house hydrostatic pressure testing capabilities, allows for a controlled manufacturing process.

SEACON Phoenix Cable Assembly
SEACON Phoenix Cable Assembly
50 ohm Coax Cable Assemblies

SEACON Phoenix, LLC high pressure 50 ohm coax cable assembly incorporates a small dry mateable coax connector. The connector is mated together via a robust stainless steel locking sleeve and sealed by a piston and face o-ring seal. The bulkhead connector has a gold plated pin and a sleeve glass sealed into the stainless steel body. The coax cable on the free half connector is molded to the connector shell and the cable in polyurethane.

SEACON Phoenix 50 OHM Coax Cable Assemblies