HF-Technology Know-how since more than 90 years

RF-Technology Know-how for more than 90 years

TE Connectivity’s HIRSCHMANN MOBILITY brand is a technology leader in the development and manufacturing of antenna systems.

Around 150 engineers work in the areas of development and design, measurement and testing systems and industrial engineering.  With a flexible, global manufacturing concept we can meet all of your requirements for high-end products and prototype quantities alike, all at competitive conditions.
We offer a complete package of services – everything from working out your requirements and the market conditions to the design and development of the best possible solution, right up to manufacturing and delivery. Both during the development phase and during manufacturing, we continuously monitor our systems to make sure that perfect quality is guaranteed. The entire process is accompanied and controlled by comprehensive project and process management that achieves the highest standards.

A strong partner in development and design

TE Connectivity’s HIRSCHMANN MOBILITY brand not only leads the way in the development of high-frequency systems with powerful reception for the automotive industry, but also impresses its customers in a number of other areas that have quite varying demands. The ability to offer combined know-how from all of our development areas is one of our key strengths.

Based on your requirements for specific systems or product modifications and market analyses, we start by simulating our solution in terms of design and circuitry layout as well as the antenna and software design. This simulation stage is then followed by implementation with corresponding system measurements and implementation of the software. Our range of services includes all of the necessary validations, testing relating to signals, software, environment and functions, as well as electromagnetic compatibility measurements.

Integrated Antenna Technology

Individual antenna systems for fixed installation spaces

The current trend among automotive manufacturers is towards antenna systems that are integrated in the vehicle body. TE Connectivity’s HIRSCHMANN MOBILITY brand developed the world's first mobile radio antenna that was integrated in the rear bumper and carried out pioneering work on modular antenna systems for rear windows. These combine for example radio and TV reception with telephony, satellite navigation and radio-controlled central locking functions. Today, we supply these types of system as a development partner to numerous well-known automotive manufacturers.

Film Antenna Technology

Patented film antennas offering unsurpassed reception quality for even the smallest of installation spaces

With our patented film antenna technology, conductive structures are applied to a film by means of a screen printing process. With this process, widely branched or scattered antenna structures can be realised even in very small spaces, and this is what makes film antenna technology so unique.
In principle, antennas can be integrated into any non-conductive component on a vehicle – from the rear view mirror to bumpers, spoilers and all plastic body parts.
The advantage: the antenna interferes neither with the design nor outer lines of vehicles, but still delivers the best possible reception quality.
Film antennas are usually affixed to the plastic component using clips, or they can be simply glued in place. Alternatively, the film antenna can be directly injected or pressed into the plastic part during the manufacturing process (in-mould process). The film antenna is connected to the downstream antenna components, such as electronics or amplifiers, via a crimp connection and to the receiver via wires. The installation space for the film antenna can be very small and flat.

State-of-the-art measurement and testing equipment: radome, measuring fields, EMC hall. We have access to all the necessary measurement and testing equipment required to ensure that our products meet the customers high expectations in terms of quality perfection. Not only do our products pass through several testing stages during development, but manufacturing is accompanied by a range of measurement and testing procedures to ensure that our required quality standards are maintained throughout the entire process.

Development Tests – Antenna Measurements

After designing an antenna prototype we measure its transmission and reception characteristics.

We perform these measurements using state-of-the-art RF measurement technology. All antennas are investigated via computer-controlled measurement systems and then qualified and optimised in terms of their transmission and reception characteristics. The measurement systems we use comply with the latest requirements and guarantee optimal development of your antenna systems.

In the concealed and weather-protected near-field / far-field measuring field (radome), we can determine the characteristic properties of different antennas. To do this, we measure the objects in the frequency range from 47 MHz according to their planned use and service.

The method we use to measure the two-dimensional reception characteristics (level and phase) of free-field antennas in our own VHF measuring field is unique.

In EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) test centre of Hirschmann Car Communication, the electromagnetic compatibility of all technical equipment is tested in accordance with the legal requirements.

Manufacturing tests

Development of an individual testing strategy

Depending on the specific requirements of each order, we work closely with all departments involved to devise a suitable testing strategy – from prototyping to series production. By ensuring that our main focus always remains on your particular requirements, we can ensure the required quality of our manufacturing processes and products.

We use state-of-the art measurement Technology from renowned measuring equipment manufacturers.

We process, convert, measure and test all of the high and low-frequency signals used in the different data transmission standards. We use systems for LVDS, RGB, GSM, FBAS, SPDIF, WLAN, LTE, USB, Ethernet, CAN bus and MOST bus applications on a daily basis.

Despite regular checks and inspections, defects cannot be ruled out in testing equipment in series production. Rapid troubleshooting and quick repairs by our Test Engineering department ensure that equipment availability is maximised.

Our Test Engineering department devises the testing concepts for all products manufactured by or for Hirschmann. We support global EMS service providers, supplying them with testers and offering assistance with their projects. 


For every project we develop and implement an individual, finely-tuned testing strategy. Here, the total duration, annual quantities and cycle time, but also additional process steps such as painting or the housing concept define whether or not a fully-automated station is used.