Hand Tool Repair and Certification

Ensure Maximum Performance and Efficiency

CERTI-CRIMP hand tools and die sets; pneumatic crimping heads and die sets; and hydraulic hand tools, crimping heads and die sets all benefit from factory or on-site service. Hand tool repair service includes recertification, visual inspection, equipment repair and handle pressure check—all with a 90-day warranty.


Re-certification recommended every 5,000 cycles or six months


90-day warranty on repairs

Repair and Certification

  • Recertification – promotes quality improvement
  • Recertification – recommended every six months or 5,000 crimp cycles
  • Visual inspection – check tool operation, look for missing or damaged parts
  • Repair of damaged or malfunctioning tools
  • Handle pressure check – measured using certified gauge and adjusted to design specification
  • 90-day warranty on repairs

Basic Repair Services

  • Restores tool to "like new" functionality
  • Includes replacement of springs, clips, pins, screws, labels, cleaning, resetting of handle pressure and certification
  • Reduced turnaround time when a PO is submitted with the tool
  • Die sets, jaws, indenters, nests and locators are not included in these prices and will be quoted as needed

Services and Fees

Standard Fees for Basic Repair Services Price Per Unit
Signed Certificate of Certification $70.00
PRO-CRIMPER Tool $105.00
CERTI-CRIMP II Single Action Hand Tool (P/N's 915xx) $165.00
TETRA-CRIMP Hand Tool (P/N 59824) $185.00
T-HEAD Hand Tool (PIDG) $350.00
Heavy Head Hand Tool $270.00
CERTI-CRIMP Double Action Hand Tool (PIDG) $175.00
CERTI-CRIMP Double Action Hand Tool (STRATO-THERM) $175.00
CERTI-CRIMP Double Action Hand Tool (SOLISTRAND) $215.00
CERTI-CRIMP Double Action Hand Tool (FASTON P/N: 901xx) $350.00
Hydraulic Crimp Tool (P/N: 59973, 59974, 59975) $740.00
Battery Operated Crimp Tool (P/N: 1213805-1) $570.00
MI-1 Butterfly Hand Tool $750.00
TETRA-CRIMP Head Assembly for 6-26 Pneumatic Tool (P/N: 679305) $160.00
Pica Bond, MR1 & VS3 (P/N to use for MR1 (3-120024-4) $150.00
Cross sectionP/N 1424359-1 (charge per terminal) $95.00
Expedite service available if requested 15%