UFHT Hand Tool

Versatility and Quality Assurance

CERTI-CRIMP UFHT hand tools (part #58078-3) are designed to crimp a variety of loose piece contacts and confirm full crimping of the contact. The tool features a fixed die (crimper), movable die (anvil), locator/wire stop and a ratchet. It has the same frame configuration as a TETRA-CRIMP hand tool, but is sold as a frame only—dies are interchangeable. A spring-loaded locator/wire stop positions and holds the contact in place, limiting the insertion distance of the stripped wire into the contact. The ratchet confirms full crimping of the contact and prevents crimping of an improperly positioned contact or splice, helping ensure excellent electrical and tensile performance of the crimped contact.


  • Frame only, dies are excluded. 
  • Same frame condiguration as TETRA-CRIMP hand tool
  • Dies are interchangeable 
  • Rachet and ratchet release
  • Adjustable terminal locator
  • Approx. weight 1.4 lb [0.64 kg]
  1. UFHT How To Video (English)

Learn how to use a UFHT CERTI-CRIMP hand tool in this helpful video.