Cosmic 927R Micro-Cable Stripper

Innovative Technology for Reliability and Precision

The Cosmic 927R stripper is a precision cable stripper that can handle varying wire insulation materials, such as small compact electronic devices and communication equipment. From conductor diameter 36 AWG to 10 AWG (0.11mm to 3.5mm), its stripping diameter display can be set to within 0.1mm increments. Thus, excellent stripping quality is enabled and damage to the conductor reduced. The Cosmic 927RX shares the features of the Cosmic 927R, but is recommended for hard to strip insulations.


0.1mm stripping increments


1.5 second machine cycle


Strips 36 to 10 AWG wire


  • For most wire types, improved to maximize stripping quality
  • Can be selected to twist with clockwise/counterclockwise or non-twist
  • Digital display for wire diameter
  • Can be set to a wide variety of functions
  • Compact, lightweight, bench-top
  • Sold and distributed only in North America


  • Twist or non-twist
  • Strips rubber
  • Strips PVC