626 Pneumatic Hand Crimp Tool

The Effortless Option to Hand Crimping

The 626 Pneumatic Tool System makes crimping 26-6 AWG wire as simple as pressing a hand or foot switch and also reduces operator fatigue. Include the fully-adjustable bench mount assembly with foot switch and you are free to concentrate on aligning the wire and terminal so you can crimp faster with fewer mistakes. Plus, the system allows you to continue using most of your existing TE-compatible crimp heads and die sets.


626 Pneumatic Crimp Tool
  • Lightweight to reduce physical force required by hand tools
  • Hand or foot switch operation
  • Termination wire range from 26-6 AWG
  • Works with existing TE compatible heads and die sets
  • Ratchet control option provides complete crimp cycle, eliminating partial crimps
  • Use rotating head assembly to reach difficult termination locations
  1. The SDE Advantage Story (English)

With Standard Die Envelope (SDE) compatible tools, you can utilize the same easily interchangeable SDE die sets found in portable hand tools or electric bench equipment. Staying in the SDE family allows your tools to grow as your needs grow.