Kappa 322 Wire Stripper

Designed for Greater Processing Range

The Kappa 322 is a flexible cut-and-strip machine for processing multiple inner conductors, flat cable and single strands. Offering a unique patented swivel technique used in the wire drive axes, two different processing positions can be approached with this feature. The machine is designed for a wide variety of special applications or the separation and processing of inside wires in multi-pole cables.


  • Broader processing range with a diversity of options and solutions 
  • Innovative sensors to aid in setup of cables
  • Intuitive, flexible, and simple touch-screen operation
  • Simple integration of upstream and downstream equipment 
  • TopWin for connecting inkjet, part list production, and network solutions
  • Strong motorized pull-off with selectable roller or belt drive deliver optimum power transmission
  • A blade unit with quick-action lock for fast, convenient setup
  • A sophisticated separation approach for processing inner conductor cables up to 3x2.5mm²