K206 Cutting Machine

Flexibility in Processing, Control and Precision

The K206 and K206S are two machines that cut round and flat conductors, hoses, PVC strips, various types of foil, paper and textiles. Rated for high power, they cut stranded wires up to 35mm² in diameter. De-reelers, markers and worktables are all integrated, allowing these units to be expanded into simple systems. Toggle switches make wire setup easy. The machines can be converted to other processes without the use of tools. Fast conversion times make these units ideal for users who switch processing materials frequently. Available in seven languages, a simple interface offers an uncluttered menu structure with two menu buttons guides users through the various functions. Plus, basic data and operating data specific to the machine can be password protected.


  • Ultra-simple operation
  • Enormous tensile and cutting forces
  • Reproducible setting of roller pressure and cutting force
  • Short conversion times – no need for tools
  • Diverse range of accessories
  • High degree of flexibility within the processing range


Features K206 Cutting Machine K206S Cutting Machine
Length Range

1mm - 99999mm

± 1mm or ± 0.2% depending on the wire length

1mm - 99999mm

± 1mm or ± 0.2% depending on the wire length

Wire Cross Sections 0.14 - 35mm2 (stranded wire); 26 - 2 AWG 0.14 - 35mm2 (stranded wire); 26 - 2 AWG
Max. Passage Height 16mm 16mm
Max. Passage Width 82mm 82mm
Pre-sel. Piece numbers from 1 - 99999 pieces 1 - 99999 pieces
Noise Level <70dB <70dB
Electrical 115/230V ± 10%, 50/6- Hz, 230VA 115/230V ± 10%, 50/6- Hz, 230VA
Pressure 4 - 6 bar 4 - 6 bar
(W x H x D)
420 x 320 x 390 mm 325 x 320 x 300mm
Weight 25 kg approx 20 kg approx
Interfaces Stop input for feed system
marker interface 
wire removal
Stop input for feed system
marker interface


  • Round and flat conductors
  • Hoses
  • PVC strips
  • Various types of foil
  • Paper
  • Textiles