Heavy Head Hand Tool (HHHT) for Crimping

Designed to Maximize Performance

CERTI-CRIMP Heavy Head hand tools (HHHT) and dies are designed to crimp a variety of loose piece contacts, including PIDG, PLASTI-GRIP, STRATOTHERM, SOLI-STRAND, coaxial cable and heavy-gauge wire contacts, and to confirm full crimping of the contact. The tools feature a fixed die (crimper), movable die (anvil), locator/wire stop and ratchet, and many offer a three-position insulation adjustment to regulate the crimp height of the contact insulation barrel. The locator/wire stop positions the contact and limits the insertion distance of the stripped wire into the contact, while the ratchet provides full crimping of the contact. Once engaged, it will not release until the dies have been fully closed, enabling maximum electrical and tensile performance of the crimped contact.


  • Dies close in a straight action
  • Ejects crimped contacts
  • CERTI-CRIMP ratchet
  • Crimp nest wire size/crimp height laser marked on face of tool
  • Weight: approx. 1.3 lbs (0.6 kg)
  1. Heavy Head Hand Tool (HHHT) How-to Video (English)

Heavy Head Hand Tool (HHHT) How-to Video - Learn how to properly unpack, maintain and use a Heavy Head Hand Tool (HHHT) in this quick, informative video.


  • Aluminum seal rings on post-insulated splices
  • Multiple wire splice insulating caps
  • PIDG Terminals
  • PLASTI-GRIP Terminals
  • PIDG Butt Splice
  • FASTON 250, 375 Series Contacts
  • FASTIN-FASTON 375 Contacts
  • POSITIVE LOCK 250 Contacts