Double Action Hand Tool (DAHT)

Double Action Hand Tool (DAHT) Hand Tool

Designed to crimp a variety of loose piece contacts and confirm full crimping of the contact, CERTI-CRIMP DAHTs feature two moveable jaws (crimper and anvil). An innovative ratchet enables full crimping of the contact and, once engaged, will not release until the dies have been fully closed. This allows for maximum electrical and tensile performance of the crimped contact. Most tools include a locator/wire stop and many feature three positions for insulation crimp height adjustment. Two adjustment pins are used to regulate the crimp height of the contact insulation barrel and a locator/wire stop positions the contact and limits the insertion distance of the stripped wire into the contact. For quick identification, all tools are laser marked with the wire size for each crimp nest.


Interchangable with 626 pneumatic tool system


Recalibration every 5,000 cycles


Double Action Design
  • Designed to exacting specifications
  • Ratchet control provides complete crimping cycle
  • For most military, UL and CSA applications
  • Manufactured using the highest quality materials
  • Requires minimum skill
  • Repairable
  • Calibrated; recalibration recommended every six months or 5,000 cycles
  • Many SAHT/DAHT crimping heads die sets can be adapted for use with the 626 Pneumatic Tool System
  • Dies travel in an arc-like path
  • Locator on tools for FASTON, MATE-N-LOK, PIDG and PLASTI-GRIP contacts
  • Insulation adjustment on tools for FASTON, MATE-N-LOK, PIDG and PLASTI-GRIP contacts
  • Crimp nest wire size laser marked on face of tool
  • Weight: approx. 1.2 lbs (0.54 kg) 
  1. Double Action Hand Tool How-to Video (English)

Double Action Hand Tool (DAHT) How-to Video - Learn how to properly unpack, maintain and use a Double Action Hand Tool (DAHT) in this quick, informative video.

Rachet Control

Reliable Design

All CERTI-CRIMP Hand Tools feature reliable ratchet control that will not release until the handles are fully closed and the dies bottomed. This helps eliminate partial crimps.

CERTI-CRIMP Hand Tools are well-suited for low production runs, prototype work and repairs—almost any application requiring consistent, highly-reliable terminations. CERTI-CRIMP Hand Tools are designed to meet all feature requirements listed on applicable TE Application Specifications. (Check appropriate product catalogs for qualification to military specifications, UL recognition and CSA certification.)


Terminals and Connectors
  • AMPLIMITE D-sub Connectors
  • AMPMODU Connectors
  • CPC Connectors (M Series)
  • FASTON Straight Receptacles
  • MATE-N-LOK Connectors
  • MR Connectors
  • Dynamic Connectors