Versatility, Precision and Convenience

Crimp height is the best non-destructive way to meet the stringent mechanical and electrical properties of a crimp and is one of five different process analysis methods featured in the CQM II. As the only monitoring system that offers continuous crimp height analysis for every crimp produced, it requires just a few parameters to be set for operation and crimp height measurements are repeatable to within 0.12mm for every crimp analyzed. Featuring easy-to-use, intuitive menus along with enhanced monitoring and graphing, you can now use CQM II on non-TE terminators. On-screen programming allows for fast and flexible job set-up, while an enhanced USB capability allows for peripherals, such as flash drives, to backup databases, save reports and update firmware.


  • Calculation of actual crimp height and real-time graphic display
  • Effective for monitoring the crimp of open barrel, uninsulated contacts and terminals – CQM II monitors the entire crimp
  • Touch screen interface
  • Networking capability
  • Multiple language support
  • Host Module: 170mm [6.7"] W x 126mm [5.0"] D x 58mm [2.3"] H
  • Data Acquisition Module: 172.5mm [6.7"] W x 101mm [4.0" ] D x 48.4mm [1.9"] H
  • Power: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.5 Amps (max)
  • Engineered and manufactured using processes independently certified to internationally-recognized quality standards

Terminator Part Numbers

Termination Unit Part Number
AMP 5K/30 CE Universal Jam  2-2161500-2
AMP 5K/40 CE Terminator  2161500-2
AMP 5K/30 CE Terminator  3-2161500-2
AMP 5K/40 CE Thru-Splice Terminator  2161300-2
AMP 5K/40 CE (W/ Strip Module)  2161700-5
GII CE Terminator  2217000-2
GII CE Terminator (W/Stripping Module)  2217001-4
GII CE Thru-Splice Terminator  2217002-2
GII+ Base model  2844800-2
GII+ Loose Piece  2844810-2
GII+ Thru-splice  2844820-2