Lithium-Ion Battery Crimp Tool

Completely Portable Crimping Power

This lightweight, compact lithium-ion battery-powered crimp tool kit is ergonomically designed for use at the bench, on the line, or in the field. We have 3,500-lb. and 8,000-lb. models available.


Lithium-Ion Battery-Powered Tool
  • Max. wire size: 10 AWG (3,500-lb. tool), 4 AWG (8,000-lb. tool)
  • Crimps per charge: 150 (3,500-lb. tool), 85 (8,000-lb. tool)
  • Pressure sensitive cycle control
  • Visual and audible warnings of an incomplete crimp
  • Information can be downloaded to a computer via an optional USB adapter
  • Kit includes tool, two batteries, a charger, and a case
  • Twenty-minute charging time

BT Series of Battery-Hydraulic Hand Tools

BT 1900 and BT 3500 Models

The BT Series of battery-hydraulic hand tool kits is designed to provide the ultimate in flexibility, modularity, and powered efficiency – in a lightweight, ergonomic, and powerful crimp unit powered by a superior lithium-ion battery. The BT Series flexibility begins with the availability of two different power units (BT 1900 and BT 3500), nine different heads and adapters, and various user options. The kit comes with a shoulder strap that can be used on the kit’s case or directly on either power unit (BT 1900 or BT 3500). An optional belt allows the unit to be worn on the user’s waist, and an optional four-point harness can be incorporated for added stability. If the unit will remain stationary, an optional bench mount holder is available.


BT Series of Battery-Hydraulic Hand Tools
  • Lightweight and portable 
  • Ergonomic
  • Compatible with SDE dies and numerous heads
  • New ‘quick take-up’ feature
  • Nine different heads/adapters (seven for BT 3500 Tool, two for BT 1900 Tool)
  • Approximately 250 crimps per charge
  • Generates up to 3,500 lbs. of crimp force
Padded Belt
Padded belt (sold separately)
Shoulder Strap
Shoulder strap (included with kit)
Shoulder Strap with Case
Shoulder strap with case (included with kit)
4-point Harness
4-point harness (sold separately, for use with padded belt)

REC-Li60 and REC-Li250M

Asia-Pacific Region Only

The TE REC-Li60 and TE REC-Li250M battery-hydraulic hand tools are designed to provide the lightest weight models with superior lithium-ion batteries.

  • Light weight model with superior lithium-ion battery
  • Compatible with dies and numerous heads
  • Particular crimps are corresponded for the special design
  • Highly portable
  • Ergonomic
  • Appropriate for numerous applications by using optional attachment