Gamma 333 PC Leadmaker Machine

Versatile and Cost-effective Leadmaking

The Gamma 333 PC-V is a fully automatic crimping machine that can be equipped with three stations for crimping both ends of the wire, double-crimp connections with three contacts, single-ended seal applications, tinning or inkjet marking. Features include ultra-short conversion times; easy-to-use TopWin interface with multiple-language capability; crimp force analyzer with statistical analysis; seal monitoring and integrated good/bad sorting. The costs of running and acquiring the Gamma 333 PC are incredibly low in relation to the benefits it offers, making it ideal for just-in-time production. Thanks to the programmable CNC axes and storable wire and processing parameters, conversion times are minimal, so even small batches can be produced efficiently.


PC Controlled


Up to 3 Stations

6 m/s

Max speed of 6 m/s


  • Ultra-short conversion times thanks to integrated processing modules
  • Crimp force analyzer with statistical analysis
  • Integrated good/bad sorting
  • Optimum accessibility to the processing stations and contact rolls
  • Maintenance-free step and servo motor of top quality
  • Encoder measurement system with ACS anti-slip monitoring


Feature Details
Processing possiblities Closes the gap between the Gamma 311 and Alpha 411
Ingenious crimping tool holder Quick and convenient changing of tooling
Optimal access
Easy access to the leadmaker's parts and tooling area
Minimal space requirement Easy to move and minimal floor space needed
Highest performance and precision 3-Phase motor provides precision and high productivity outputs
Crimping press - MCI 711 New technology allows for easy setup and handling
Software Up to 200 Wires within system memory
Flawless quality Safe processing, excellent repeatability, detects defective wires


  • Double-crimp connections
  • Multiple contacts
  • Single-ended seal applications
  • Tinning
  • Ink-jet marking