Flexibility, Reliability and Safety

The AT-300 Electric Benchtop Terminator (Part#: 539630-2) processes most common terminals on the market and can terminate wires to 10 AWG [6 mm2]. Powerful yet compact, it utilizes an interchangeable tooling system designed to accommodate Standard Die Envelope (SDE) die sets and most CERTI-CRIMP tooling heads. The AT-300 delivers repeatable crimp performance and is ideally suited for low to medium volume bench production and harness assembly. Operator safety is enhanced by a safety release button and safety lock foot pedal. This unit offers an excellent price to performance ratio, with features normally found on more expensive models.


  • High precision thanks to parallel action technology of the tool heads
  • Easy, quick and adjustment-free tool head exchange
  • 360° turn-able tool holding device with engagement points every 45°
  • Safety foot pedal
  • Simple touch display operation
  • Key switch with set-up function
  • Adjustable double step mode (1. step adjustable)
  • Release button to open dies in case of blockage. 
  • Battery backup guarantees its function during a power failure
  • Integrated piece counter
  1. The SDE Advantage Story (English)

With Standard Die Envelope (SDE) compatible tools, you can utilize the same easily interchangeable SDE die sets found in portable hand tools or electric bench equipment. Staying in the SDE family allows your tools to grow as your needs grow.

  • Premium Portable Hand Tool Video (English)


Compatible with the SDE, ERGOCRIMP and CERTI-CRIMP hand tool families, this system accommodates dozens of interchangeable dies in an ever-expanding range, including those for open-barrel contacts and terminals. Many die sets have multiple cavities for crimping more than one wire or terminal size. The tool can terminate wires up to, and including, 10 AWG [6mm2].

Convenience and Safety

A simple control panel provides easy setup and requires minimal operator training. Operator safety is enhanced by a safety release button and safety lock foot pedal. In addition, crimp jaws are normally closed. The sprung shut jaws grip the terminal prior to wire insertion to ensure precise positioning, while a digital cycle counter tracks operation for maintenance planning.

Additional Options

SDE Adapter  1673663-2 
HTV10 Adapter  1579000-4 
ERGOCRIMP Adapter  1-1579000-8 
CSE30 Adapter  3-1579000-3 
CERTI-CRIMP II Adapter  1213860-1 
Large Die Adapter  1901556-1