Model 19 Heat Shrink Belt Heater

Easy and Efficient Heat Shrinking

The Model 19 belt heater is a versatile process heater for installing a wide range of heat-shrinkable products. Designed to install Raychem tubing, automotive splices, and both ring and FASTON terminals, it offers continuous run with minimum maintenance and downtime. Two pairs of timing belts grip the individual work pieces and carry them through an infrared heating zone. The work pieces then pass through a cooling zone before finally being deposited into a collection bin. CE approved, the system provides good process control with both the motor speed and heating elements having closed-loop control. Other controls provide a high level of process security and help prevent unauthorized changing of parameters.


Up to 178mm tubing length

5 Ft

Up to 5 ft per minute


Up to 700°C ambient temperature


  • Closed-loop temperature and belt speed control
  • Max/min element temperature alarm bands
  • Lock-out on temperature belt speed controls to prevent unauthorized adjustment
  • Lock-out gate prevents loading of product if the element temperature is too low and if any of the alarms activate
  1. Model 19 Belt Heater (English)

Watch a demonstration of the Model 19 belt heater. The Model 19 belt heater is the latest generation of versatile process heaters suitable for installing a wide range of heat shrinkable products.

Diagnostic and Safety

Emergency Switch and Alarms
  • Heater failure alarm
  • Drive circuit fault alarm
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Cool down circuit


Tubing, Terminals, and Splices
  • RAYCHEM heat shrink tubing
  • Ring terminals
  • FASTON terminals
  • Automotive splices
  1. Single Wall Installation (English)

Single Wall Installation

  • Dual Wall Installation (English)

  • Tubing Protection (English)