CV-Obhat 1600 W Stub System

Lightweight, Portable Performance

The CV-Obhat 1600 W stub system is a lightweight, portable hot air tool, used to install Raychem ES-cap stub splice sealing products and RBK-ILS/QSZH and RBK-VWS in-line splice sealing products. It is designed for processing heat shrink tubing for carousel wire harness manufacturing with minimum harness board fixtures. Wire support and cap location fixtures are an integral part of the CV-Obhat tool, which simplifies the process (i.e., cap location fixture for stub splice variant only). If suitably mounted, it can be used off-board from the wire harness assembly process. The hot air pistol and control box are connected by a 6m umbilical. Loading and unloading product is made simple by the use of a hinged narrow reflector, which also minimizes air spillage and potential damage to wires during the heating cycle.


  • Produces sealed stub and in-line splices on-board
  • Wire support and cap holding fixtures are an integral part of pistol
  • Small footprint on harness board
  • Lightweight pistol connected to controller with 6m umbilical
  • Control system incorporating audible and visual process safety alarms
  • CE approved
  1. Heat Shrink Overview Video (English)

This informational video provides an overview of the complete lineup of heat shrink tubing processing machines available from the Application Tooling division of TE Connectivity

  • Tubing Sealing (English)


  • Raychem ES-cap stub splice sealing
  • RBK-ILS/QSZH In-Line splice sealing
  • RBK-VWS In-Line splice sealing